50 not so easy minutes

Today wasn’t as easy as usual and my heart rate didn’t quite behave. Weather was unusually warm as well. Am I paying the price for being sloppy with my nutrition yesterday? Time to get back on track and eat properly instead of just stressing with work!

Went to the beach for the last couple of minutes, but tide was in and while it was beautiful, the beach was nearly unrunnable.


Lesson learned and I’m going to make a proper breakfast now. I’m aware flu is everywhere and I certainly don’t want to catch anything, so I need to eat … eat … eat …

7 Replies to “50 not so easy minutes”

  1. Maybe it’s the changing seasons? I have eaten a lot of rubbish over the last few days and have felt similarly rubbish! the whole package of work, shop, cook, eat gets a bit stretched sometimes😳☺️


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