5 months = 50 seconds

Good morning!

Just back from my 100 minute medium run and I am so pleased. For those who don’t know, Strava (the free version) matches my runs with previous runs and compares times etc. I can then compare how much I improved or not.

Today I saw, I had done the exact same run I did today in the middle of May. My pace for the matched segment was 50 seconds faster today than in May.

I take it!

10 Replies to “5 months = 50 seconds”

    1. It so slow it’s not noticeable until I’m fast as a flash ROFL. I’m starting to hear this voice though … Asking how fast I would be in a race … Must be reading your blog that influences me!


      1. Sorry I don’t mean to upset your equilibrium, but…. Races can be fun.
        I reckon you could go faster than you think, certainly I think your endurance would outshine many, just need to train for pace a little bit.


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