Monday – Easy Day

Good morning,

just back from my 50 minute easy run and about to head out to a meeting. Feeling great and looking forward to another week. So far I seem to be adjusting really well to the increased duration. Can’t believe I’m now running ~55 km per week. Better not think about it and just keep having fun.

Enjoy yourself and have a marvelous week!

15 Replies to “Monday – Easy Day”

  1. Don’t think about it. Just run! πŸ™‚
    Have a great week, yourself.
    Also, let me know if something wonky happened to your site. I “connected” to your site, and I’m honestly not sure what that means; all I wanted to do was be able to comment!


      1. Yes, but I also suddenly have your blog as one of my sites… I don’t think that’s what I wanted!


      2. OK – I took a look and it looks like it’s supposed to. You are added as a subscriber. You have used your existing account (the one that is linked with gravatar).
        I also checked your profile there and my site doesn’t appear as “your site” there. Where exactly does it appear under “My Sites”? In the app or via browser?


      3. In the app. I just have to be careful that I don’t write a new post under my linked in to your site status. I think I can manage that. Whenever I have a quiet moment, I’ll figure it out. As long as things are all still okay for you, I’m okay!


      4. Let me know if I did anything weird.
        If not, then it just looks weird on my end and I can deal with that. πŸ™‚


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