One hundred fifty

150 minutes doesn’t sound like much. It’s a nice round number. It’s easy. This an other lies I told myself when heading out for my long run today.

Thankfully right in the beginning I was distracted by an epic sunrise (check video on the bottom of the post):


After I had passed Dun Laoghaire, I had been running for 1 hour and 15 minutes. Which is half way and so I decided to eat something and then head back.


I took another quick break just before getting back to Dalkey via the James Joyce tower – one of Dublin’s many Martello towers along the coast. You can see it on the left in the distance:


The hills on the way back nearly killed me, although I was walking them! Clearly I’m more suited for trails, then for this road running, but it is a nice change of scenery.

Especially when it starts like this:

9 Replies to “One hundred fifty”

  1. I think roads are just mentally draining due to the boredome factors hence why they appear to hurt more. This is my theory and Im sticking to it! Good to see you fuelling! What are you taking/having these days?


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