Mixing things up

During today’s run I thought about some of the factors that let me run nearly every day. One of those key factors I think is that I switch things up. Take this week as an example. Monday’s quick run was on the beach, 50 minutes in my xtalons (trail shoes). Tuesday I ran a mix of undulating grass and park roads in my gloves, ending at the beach I think (100 minutes). Wednesday was half road and half beach (50 mins). Thursday was all 100 minutes of nice hills and wood paths with rocks and roots. Today I took my Altras for a quick 50 minute spin. The Altras are my sofas, as they offer superior cushion, while still having zero drop (heel to toe drop).


All this mixing of different type of shoes as well as surfaces, helps me prevent over-use injuries. At least that is what I think. I picked those tips up in some of the books I read, can’t remember which though … just want to mention that it’s not my idea, I have merely tested what I read about and what made sense to me.

What do you do to mix things up?


4 Replies to “Mixing things up”

  1. I move one or two passes each week indoors now. During those shorter runs I switch to my race shoes and practice forefoot running. I usually end the passes with some leg weight training.


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