I have a superpower. It didn’t come easy to me. In fact it arrived very slowly – unremarkably slow. I’ve worked at improving it nearly every day for over one and a half years now. Others have this superpower as well and I’m not in any way special. In fact … you may have it too.

Let me show you what this superpower let me experience today:

wp-1476950185415.jpg wp-1476950185450.jpg wp-1476950185420.jpg wp-1476950185349.jpg wp-1476950185310.jpg wp-1476950185418.jpg wp-1476950457435.jpg wp-1476950490398.jpg wp-1476950543976.jpg wp-1476950577161.jpg wp-1476950619497.jpg wp-1476950606691.jpg wp-1476950647697.jpg wp-1476950794988.jpg wp-1476950826810.jpg

What’s your superpower?

16 Replies to “Superpower”

  1. My superpower brings me places that take my breath away (literally and metaphorically), makes me revel in the beauty of life, accept the pain of death, and move through space and time in a way that makes me feel amazing and powerful.


  2. Lovely😊 Just started reading slow burn by stu mittleman. I expect that you have read it already, But I love how he explains about when you run slow and you fat burn you can be in tune with your body and your environment. I have certainly experienced that since I started allowing myself to go slow (thanks to your encouragement!) but it’s good to feel great and it does feel like a superpower!


      1. I’m surprised – I think that you do even more reading about running than I do!!! I’m only a couple of chapters in but so far so good😊


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