SRG Gear Upgrade 4

Hi Guys,

today I have to give into the high demand for gear related reviews and satisfy the curiosity of my biggest fan Koko! In case you don’t know Koko, she is the cutest kitten (I can say that as my cats are grown up by now) and lives with her can opener Mountain Goat. While Mountain Goat is currently plotting what to do for his 100th run, Koko browses the web and leaves running gear picture demanding comments! So here, my dear queen:


I only put 1 of the bottles in there, but you have one for each side. Why did I choose this vest/pack? As a “girl” I don’t want to have bottles on top of my boobs and this inov8 vest has them placed just below and in a way that it matches to my ribs, if this makes sense. I don’t like big backpacks – they make me sweat and angry. I don’t like waist packs or belts … I couldn’t get used to carrying a bottle all the way … this pack is like a perfect compromise for all things I need. I can put in only one bottle, still fit in the back a waterproof jacket etc. Oh and in case I ever decide to get poles, they’ll fit as well. There you go Koko πŸ˜‰

Oh and I ran today, starting with a nice moon lit warm-up.

wp-1476860156790.jpg wp-1476860190842.jpg wp-1476860221862.jpg

Ending 50 minutes later with a spectacular dawn. I can’t believe how strong I feel … it feels like I am loving this running thing more each day and it gets smoother as well.

12 Replies to “SRG Gear Upgrade 4”

  1. I dont think youre showing up in WP again and I swear I subscribed by email …. hmmm maybe my account thinks your spam :p Love the pack though!


  2. Purr, purr, purr.
    Purr, purr, purr.
    Purr, purr, purr.
    Can opener scratches ears.
    Purr, purr, purr…


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