16 beats in 10 months

Good morning Guys! Just back from my first 100 minute medium run and it was fantastic! I actually now get to enjoy it all in one run! The moon and stars with the peace and quietness of the night. Fields and grass with dimly lit park roads along a river with stone bridges.


Little hills to spice things up and then a run along the beach with the sun just rising:


Life couldn’t be better. I love to kick start my day like this.

It also happened that I ran a new 10k MAF PR (1:22) and Strava shows me that I improved by exactly 16 beats since January this year.

Oh … and I have a new pack or better a vest. I tested it today and think finally I have found my perfect solution for carrying things and hydration on longer runs. I don’t think that I’ll use it on every medium run, but definitely on my longer ones. I did take and drink half a liter during today’s run (gotta test new fancy gear right?) and I did feel as if I had a bit more energy.

In a way I think it is overkill to take something to drink with me when out under 2 hours, but then it is a nice way to get in some carbs in as I really can’t eat before heading out … I also want to get used to drinking/eating during running, but not quite sure how to go about it.

What is your take on this? When do you take fuel with you? Any tips or things I should try out? I’m primarily concerned about the medium runs as they will start to get longer and it took me already over 2 hours today if I include warming up.


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  1. Never use anything when running under 2 hours or a half distance. Above that I need some kind of fueling usually every 6 or so miles, about 50 – 60 minutes. I hate carrying stuff so try and drop little stashes, or run loops when on the really long runs. Fuel will usually fit in the pocket on my shorts but water I have to stash somewhere.


  2. i get thirsty, and depending on what i have in my mind when i leave home i usually take a little water with me, I’ve never taken food with me on a run or a walk… but when hubby and i go out for hours, i take a camel back and a a Cliff Bar, but I’ve never needed the bar… He just takes the belt i bought him…
    Neither of us eat if we go out first thing in the morning, but if its like after work, i will make sure I’ve had a good lunch… again, depends of what i have planned.
    So long ago that i can’t remember *lololol*
    SOON BABY… soon… first day today i have actually been able to say that my back is def on the mend! TWO WEEKS walking, then i can start running again! excited!!!


  3. Sounds super nice! When in the morning do you head out? In Sweden the sun doesn’t rise until way after I’m home… Tell us more about the new gear! ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Well done on the 100mins ๐Ÿ™‚
    For me, I take a 500ml for anything over 10miles and approx 1ltr for a longer run, i.e. 30k or longer. I use either my Salomon soft bottles or fill my soft bladder. Both fit in my Salomon Skin set 5 vest which is super comfy and you forget you’re wearing it.
    Can I ask… how are your feet now you’re running longer distances?
    Again, well done on the level up!


    1. Thanks Kristian! My feet are coping well. I do work on them though … had even a professional pedicure at one point, which I now try and keep up. I suppose fighting blisters and co. is key in the next level. I also read “fixing your feet” and thought of you in the Sahara …


  5. I believe the rule of thumb is your stomach can only digest 2 to 4 ounces every hour when you’re running. If you’re running slow, your body uses it’s own fuel, but 2 to 4 ounces of water should save you from any dehydration and/or hyponatremia issues. My source is Jeff Galloway. ๐Ÿ˜€

    However, runners differ… so do whatever works for you… just be mindful of your fluid intake.


    1. Wow 4 oz is nothing and I google converted it so it makes sense. I might actually use very little water as I run so slow. I really only get a little thirsty after 2 hours. Maybe I should weigh myself before/after at least once, then I would know.


      1. That works too! ๐Ÿ˜‰

        Personally, I think the formula gets a bit trickier when running a full marathon, but you just have to test and see what works for you. ๐Ÿ˜€


  6. Looks like a beautiful run!
    Also your fueling kit looks good.
    In Florida, I would never go more than 90 minutes without a hydration plan. In cooler temps, I think 2 hours are reasonable, but 90 minutes is actually still better. I also refuel after 90 minutes and every half hour after that. I usually carry everything in my running belt, but sometimes shove things in my shorts as well.


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