50 minutes at full moon

I love starting my run under the night sky with full stars. A full moon is a fabulous bonus, headlamp not needed. When I ended my run, dawn was just about to start it’s magic:


Today is the first day of my new increased duration and my easy run was 50 minutes. Tomorrow will be 100 minutes. A nice and round number. I just have to keep it very slow and try to get some nice running on grass thrown in. If all goes to plan I should be able to be at an easy run of 1 hour three times per week (plus 2 x 2 hour mediums and 1 x 3 hour long run) by the end of the year or at least in January 2017. If I survive that during the Irish winter and still love it, I can start planning next year.


9 Replies to “50 minutes at full moon”

      1. Anything else would constitute false advertising surely. I do love a bit of honesty in names.

        I am really a small honey producing insect…. 😉


  1. I LOVE running (do I run?) in winter! In the dark is the best! Cos I stick to town running in the dark I have sparkly lights and lumo tights that glow and real girly stuff that glows *lol* oh I have SUCH fun and NO ONE knows it’s ME!


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