Recovery Week

I don’t like recovery weeks … I like playing at the beach when the sea is wild.


I know recovery weeks are necessary, but I don’t like the sloth that encompasses them! I know this time is needed to allow my body a chance to build itself up, keep me injury free and for my mind to keep me wanting to run, but I always fear I loose all my fitness. Which is ridiculous … This week I took an extra strong recovery dose, as I plan to increase duration next week so my easiest run is 50 minutes long. So for next week it’s all slow and long – just the way I like my running. On another note Endomondo tells me I ran over 1000 km this year and it took me 160 hours. So in case you were wondering, yes I clearly am insane … or in love with slow running – probably both.

12 Replies to “Recovery Week”

  1. I hesitate to say how far I have run this year. Just bear in mind that the number is larger and I measure everything in miles. If you are obsessed with running and slightly deranged then what does that make…….

    Hang on there are people at the door, looks like they have some strong sedatives and restraint equipment… My hospital transport awaits!


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