Fantastic news!

Good morning Guys!

I’ve got two pieces of fantastic news for today. First of all, I re-discovered the high quality button for taking photos … now the bad quality is getting nearly bearable. In case you missed it, I had broken my good phone (a note 4) while running and it was waiting for being replaced by a new shiny note … until then I had replaced it with a military spec outdoor phone, which has not the best camera. Now with all the notes making airplanes explode I have to reconsider this option … so I’m delighted I can at least make out shapes on today’s photo after having fiddled with the options.

This is the view from “my track”:


Which I ran on, because it was just awesome to not have to worry about were I step in the dark and I wanted the change of surface. “My track” is a dirt track, so with a red night lamp it’s nearly like a trail! It was also a perfect opportunity to do a MAF test, or my version of it. Which leads me to my next piece of fantastic news! I improved again.

I ran around and tried to keep it at an average heart rate of 143. Here are my new stats:
400 metres PR (3:07)
1 track mile PR (13:48)

I don’t have time now to go back and compare in detail, but I did notice over the past runs that the 7 (as in min/km) appeared frequently! I’m still stoked however that I can run around 8 mins and I think right now my MAF pace is around 8:10-8:15 min/km.

My run ended at the beach and the sea was just marvelous with the high tide. (FYI my pace on the sand/pebbles was 3 minutes slower … and some people really want to run in the Sahara?


Today I did only 1 hour 23 minutes as it’s recovery week! (Yesterday I did half an hour, just didn’t blog as I had to work early).

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    1. I can’t do iphone … I have very strong feelings against those, but am too polite. It will be an android phone that is out of question! Preferrably with a pen 😎, but I will take some time with that decision. Just imagine how many running shoes I can buy for one phone ….


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