Today’s run was interesting to say the least. Before heading out I checked my heart rate variability as well as resting heart rate – all in check. I am a bit wary right now, as I am fitter than ever and trying to balance my running just below the line of over training. I think that is why I’m improving more than before, it also makes me more risk aware. Anyhow … all was looking OK and I headed out doing my usual warm-up walking up the hill. I started my run and all was good until I arrived at the park and my watch showed an HR of 165! I slowed down to a walk and it didn’t really change. Alarm bells went on. I thought I just do a walk in the park then and worried about having done too much as I realized, slowly jogging that my HR went to over 190. At this point I knew my watch must be malfunctioning. Just to make sure I took my pulse like a normal person and surely it below 90! After 36 minutes my watch played along again, but by that time I had already ran back across the hill and towards the sea. Blairwitch beach run up anyone?



All in all I only did 55 minutes today, as I want to have enough in the tank for Saturday’s long run. Now I’m off to update the software on my watch …

14 Replies to “Malfunction”

  1. V.Blair Witch!!!! I now need to go lie down 😂😂😂 I feel ‘car’ sick!!!! POPS be safe in the dark!!!!
    Pleased your watch just needs an update and thanks to for reminding me… I’ve just done mine seeings as I’m heading out tonight! Xxx


  2. Thats weird – I havent used my watch last 2 runs as it hasnt been picking up gps. We have a glitch in the matrix! How long you planning on running on sat? I’ve been slack lately, lack o mojo I think


    1. Did you update the firmware might help with the mojo lol!
      Saturday will be at least 2 hours and 12 minutes, but maybe I can get myself to carry fuel and it will be longer. Not much of a long run, but it’s ‘my’ longest in the week.


      1. I have a belt, but can’t put water in there. I am happy with the bottle it even has a pocket for food. I just don’t take it with me. I have a camelback plus bladder but hate drinking from it *g*


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