In the dark

Despite what I said earlier this week, I’m kinda getting hooked on running through the dark at the sea …


44 minutes done and even included some fartleks. Now all I gotta do is find out what the cause of recent speed gains are … is it the inclusion of speedier segments 3 times a week, the hills, the standing desk, or the duration? Possibly all and in the end it doesn’t matter as long as I am still having fun.

6 Replies to “In the dark”

  1. I’d go with all, but would probably give your LSDs the lion’s share of the credit since they’ve likely done more to improve your running economy than anything else. Improvements in running economy either allow you to run at the same speed with less energy expenditure or to run faster at the same energy expenditure. Sounds like you’re becoming “notso-slowrunnergirl”.


      1. I’ve noticed this as well. My speed gains (while minor at each change) have been steady since I added at least one slow and long run every week. It’s very addictive!


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