Beach in the dark

I have to say, that I don’t fancy the beach at dark. Not that it’s scary, but it’s probably a bit more trickier than I want for a quick easy morning run with all the pebbles.

I started around the park and stopped by the beach. The early dawn over the sea was spectacular, but I was too early to enjoy the sunrise or snap a good quality pic, at least with this phone. You could also say I was just too fast looking at the effect:


My feed is also repaired again, I think! I am really impressed with the quality of the WordPress support. They respond quickly to the tickets (usually within 24 hours) and do everything they can to get things running again. If your external WordPress site experiences issues with the reader and the feed not showing/updating, just go to the Jetpack Support page and fill out the form. It helps if you paste the links to your feed and your site’s feed (, so they can compare them.

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