10 minutes!

No not the length of my run, that was a bit over 2 hours. I am talking about the time it DID NOT rain during my run. This is pretty much what I was starring at:


Though you can imagine it much more blurry, as rain kinda prevents me wearing my glasses, so just add a Gaussian blur effect x 10 to the above photo and you see what I saw. Anyhow, I had a blast and can now confirm that my new shoes (the gloves) are not waterproof. I didn’t think so, but now I know.

Ended my run at the beach, which is always pleasant.


On other news, I’m again fighting with WordPress and the updating of the Reader, now trying the beta version of Jetpack. We’ll see how that goes huh? Oh and I think I found a new favorite after the run fuel! I don’t yet have a name, but it’s on instagram (or on the left on my blog in a widget) and it contains loads of onions, leek, cashews and gluten!

10 Replies to “10 minutes!”

  1. When you are out running in weather like that you know you are a committed runner. Bad weather is a filter that differentiates between those who want to be runners and those who actually are.


  2. YUM!!!! I just saw it in IG made me salivate!!!!
    WP is a bitch at the mo! Betcha they’re tweaking stuff their side!!!!
    If I don’t wear my contacts, I’d need a guide dog!!!! 😂


  3. I admire how you go savory after a long run. It’s sweet for me — every time!

    It’s actually been a while since I ran in the rain — hoping I don’t jinx myself with that! Although sometimes it can be quite nice. We’re expecting on & off showers for the next few days. Luckily it’s been more off than on.


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