Who is this person?

Another 88 minute run done and it was easy … as easy as it should be by now. But while my body seems to have adjusted fine, my mind has not quite yet. I am lying to myself about the amount of time I run. Not really lying, but I am saying 88 minutes instead of 1 and a half hours. I am not really aware of who I have become by now and that’s probably a good thing. It somehow became my new normal that I run through the dark:


… watch the sun rise … wp-1475132515389.jpg… have huge amounts of energy and run … a lot. So while I feel as fantastic as I am, I guess I just keep ignoring any notion of my former self and what she would say and keep on running.


  1. It’s possibly not that you are ignoring your former self. It might be that she has evaporated and vanished into a half remembered dream.

    Oooh that’s almost poetic, I must remember that.



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