An easy run and a bit of sun

Easy 44 minutes run done at dawn. Tide is becoming much nicer these days and I’m contemplating if I should go out run in the dark at the sea tomorrow.


But then … I’m a gamer and as gamer you kinda learn that beach is bad, especially at night. Yes you can see far, but so can the monsters or other players. What speaks for running at the beach at night is that I have so far not seen any eyes glaring at me in the dark. I thought I did, but it always turned out to be trash that reflected my headlamp light. The beach would probably change that.

I know it’s all in my head and as soon as I ran there once it will be my new home. The beach is only the first hurdle though … after the beach comes the hill. Maybe I chicken out and run my 10k park loop – stay tuned!

10 Replies to “An easy run and a bit of sun”

  1. woooooooo…. I’m with you on the scary bits… i am a scaredy in the the dark… where i come from you don’t venture out in the dark *lol* so being over here and being able to, intrigues me… but scares me at the same time… i tend to go to the gym and run on Brad ™ or stick to the main road with the big lights… saying that, when i can convince hubby to head out with me in the dark we have had the BEST runs!
    Pepper spray poppie… can we get it over here? off to investigate! 😉


  2. I’m currently struggling with darkness. More worried about getting splattered by a car☺️ Do I drive to the nearest town to run along pavements in streetlights? Should I hire a treadmill for the winter. Just miffed that bcause by the time I got home it was dark😬 The roads here are just too narrow to run on in the pitch black dark.


    1. I hear you on that! Around my place most of the roads are unlit forest paths. Not afraid of the traffic (almost none), but slipping or otherwise falling and injuring holds me back from exploring them in the dark…


  3. I’m with you on this, I have to run past a supposedly haunted mill in a forest, scares the sillies out of me in the dark. It’s uphill but I can do 5 minute pace past it lol scariest things out there though are bloody cows that look then bolt right in front of you


  4. I agree with Gareth above! Maybe you can use the fear as a potion of speed! Just imagine a band of orcs on your heels and you’ll see new PB paces in no time 😉


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