Yesterday night, an angel named Alex appeared on my blog. OK he is not an angel, more a modern angel, and his job is “Happiness Engineer”. I imagine him still like an angel, but with geek glasses and a cowboy hat. Why the cowboy hat you ask? Well, it appears all Happiness Engineers from WordPress say “Howdy” and somehow I associate that with a cowboy hat. I digress … the important bit is that Angel Alex got my block unstuck!

This means, I can go back to my business of blogging about my daily runs and stop fiddling with code! Today I started in the dark again:



Ran 88 minutes slowly, but surely, around the park which is a nice 10k loop and over the hill to the beach where the sun didn’t show up.


I’ve been thinking about how funny it is that if I tell myself I only go 88 minutes, it’s much less than 1 hour and 28 minutes. Is that only me?

9 Replies to “Unstuck”

    1. I think I have to skip 90 minutes and go to 100. Much harder to divide and a neat number. Easy run would be 50 which is less than one hour… nothing really. I also get the feeling that in the dark time flies by faster.


  1. Wooo – now get alex to sort it so we can reply via wordpress reader 😉 I tend to think in miles not time, how long its taking is relatively immaterial compared to distance and fun. Theres a fancy equation waiting to be made like Time/=distance*fun/fatigue


    1. I presume he clicked a button in the WordPress.com system. If others have an external WordPress.com blog and issues with the reader they can contact jetpack support. Or me, but I take money for it.


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