A wonderful Irish weekend kick-off

I nearly didn’t pack my rain gear, but sometimes you just have to trust in the Irish weather, meaning it will surely change and provide 4 seasons in a long run. I was a girl on a mission. The mission to find sheep. Which I didn’t … sorry to disappoint you. I tried hard though and really really wanted to find some and write a great post about it …

… instead I found this:


… and these, which I at first thought were sheep, but no … not everything that is white and spawns on an Irish grass tiles is a sheep apparently.


Abandoning the sheep mission, I quickly decided to go to plan B. Plan B is a secret, but as this post won’t appear in the wordpress reader I can share it freely: Plan B consists of running/mapping the whole Dublin Mountain Way and it will probably take me years! I’ve been along this path while discovering The Chimney and searching for the mountains, but didn’t dare to go further than THE SCALP! I mean really … that can’t be good right?

So today, disappointed by not finding sheep, I decided to go further on the Dublin Mountain Way than ever before!

I went past Puck’s Castle, left the Chimney behind me, passed through the enchanted forest …


… tested my gloves on those babies:


… enjoyed more of the forest – I just love running across those forest trails …


.. to arrive at THE SCALP!!!


At least I think that’s the scalp? This is were I wished I had brought something to drink or eat … I had overestimated the amount of berries that were left during this time of the year and went for the light option aka no fuel!

On the way back I kind of got lost in the moment, it started raining and I didn’t know where I was until I saw the sea down below and my beloved little Dalkey island. At this point I knew I had experienced an adventure, getting lost is the biggest sign you are experiencing an adventure!

Drenched and happy I ran home in the rain, glad to be alive and healthy, glad to be able to experience adventures and glad for an gas aid station and a credit card that bought me just the right amount of fuel when I needed it!

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