… in the morning

As you know, I’m a big fan of getting out there in the morning. As I now leveled up and got new items (aka headlamp) I can start my runs in the dark. That only makes sense for my medium runs, runs over an hour.

Today, as every Friday, was a short run. This means I enjoyed 44 minutes of slow running and it was so lovely.


Words can’t express how amazing it is to wake up and run to the rising sun. Right now the air is cold and it wakes me up while I do my first steps outside. When I get to run, it cools me. When I’m done, it has risen high enough so that I am not too cool when I walk home. The tide was also nice to me and had left just the right amount of perfectly soft sand for me to run on.

9 Replies to “… in the morning”

  1. Weather is about the same in Sweden now. It’s perfect for the shorter runs, but to squeeze in a long run before work I have to get out so early that its starting to feel a bit cold… Might need to consider a warmer base layer soon. Nice photo!


  2. Loving the early starts here too. we are blessed enough to have had lovely sunrises. I’ve been cycling to my new job which means a new commute route of 15miles. I am, for the first time in three weeks, going to run it home. So, up with the larks and to bed with them too I’d presume.
    Enjoy the sunrises.


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