SRG Gear Upgrade – Part 3

Finally – the long awaited night run has happened!

Today I woke up at 5 and was super excited as it was still dark out there and this meant I got to wear my newest gadget, a headlamp. I saw the moon and the stars. Here’s me (or the moon not sure) in the dark:


For the one that want to know the details, I got myself a Silva Pro Line MR110 Head Torch. Why? It’s waterproof and a lot of other nice gimmicks I thought are fun to have.


As you can see it created basically two circles. One I call “dogshitedetector” and the other one “evileyelookout”. It also has an intelligent light feature, whatever that means – clever marketing I suppose?


I could see perfectly fine, far and the different light settings were quite useful. It didn’t rain, so I couldn’t test if it really is waterproof!

Other than that I just loved it! This is pure magic and much more fun than I thought it would be. It’s like a whole other universe waiting to be explored. The sunrise was spectacular as well.



Now I know I can do this. With “this” I mean increase time/duration during winter. I truly enjoyed today’s 1.5 hours and got even back in time to make and have breakfast!


No evil eyes spotted though, but I’ll keep out looking for ’em.


  1. Did it stay on well during the run? Sometimes I find that headlamps tend to slide down while walking or running… Probably something to do with the quality (elasticity?) of the band…



  2. Oh how FAB!!!!! I love running in the cold dark… It is other-worldly! I don’t have a headlamp though, hubby does he loves it!!!!… I just stick to the main road…
    Beautiful sunrise!!!!
    I think we should call you SRGGFG! (SlowRunnerGadgetGloveFanGirl)



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