The Reader

Not you my dear, although in a way it is. It has come to my attention that my posts are (once again) not showing up on the WordPress Reader.

This sometimes happens, not sure why and I never bothered investigating deeper than clicking around on my page. You see, my page is an external hosted wordpress website. The reason is simple, I like playing around with tech and this way I can show off my fancy recipes, as well as hide them in plain sight! Additionally I post a lot of photos and the free space on ran out.

The consequence of moving my blog was that my posts only show up in the reader, if someone has subscribed to my blog. That was fine with me. I like my tiny little family of roggers (running bloggers).

Now they don’t show up at all anymore and many of you have emailed me, being worried! Guys … I’m still alive, running and blogging and eating (yeah I’m posting my food photos on Instagram). I have no idea when the posts will show up again in the reader, one guess is the photos I am usually using. So today I test what happens if there are no photos.

I did run though. I loved it. 44 minutes of pure bliss. Cadence is as low as ever and my mood over the top as I’m so in love with my new gloves I had to run in them again today!

Oh yeah … just in case someone reads this and has a clue, I’m will to test any ideas you might have regarding my site showing up on the reader again.

6 Replies to “The Reader”

  1. 🙂 i think WP is just being a bitch today because now she doesn’t refresh at all for me… grrrr… LOVING your IG pics… only problem is that i now have to carry a napkin with me because i am salivating most of the time haha ha haaa haaa…. OMG picture that??? try not to!!!

    As for the ‘gloves’ OMG SHOE ENVY OF NOTE!!!!


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