SRG Gear Upgrade – Part 2

Today I wanted to tell you about my new headlamp and how I braved the dark, saw evil eyes and crested a hill at sunrise …

Good intentions right? It didn’t happen … I overslept and it was already past dawn and light outside.

So I took another new piece of equipment for a quick spin – my new gloves (aka Merrell Pace Gloves 3):


I meant to test them to the fullest and had super high expectations. Off we went to start at the beach with slippery tarmac to get there which they already braved with amazing stickiness!

I was also surprised how easy it was to run over the softer sand. Usually I need more energy to run through soft/deep sand.


I took them to the hill and no matter what terrain I threw at them the feeling just got better and better …


I mean seriously! I am upgraded to SuperSlowRunnerGirl now, as I can run up and down slippery roots and rocks!!!


I’m seriously in love with them and super happy that they meet my high expectations. They are replacing my existing inov8 mixed terrain shoes and I can’t stop telling you how amazing the vibram sole seems to stick to even the weirdest terrain. I even pseudo-climbed a rock just to test them …

Gotta go and work now, someone has to earn money to buy all those shoes.

Have fun playing!




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