SRG Gear Upgrade – Part 1

Good morning everyone!

Just back from a perfect run at low tide with spectacular sunrise.


And I’ve been having my first run with my new shinies!!!


Finally I found a shoe that might get me through muddy trails in winter. I already had a blast with them today running through wet grass:



No issues running over wet rocks, little streams or shifting wet pebbles on top of wet pebbles.


All in all I can say: I love them!!! They will replace my trailrocs, at least over winter.

Tomorrow in part 2 I will try and run with my new headlamp for the first time. Any tips, besides not forgetting it at home?

**UPDATE Photo of the shinies**




18 Replies to “SRG Gear Upgrade – Part 1”

  1. Running with a headlamp is fun. Everything shrinks down to the width of the beam. Will assume you got a decent one with an LED light, hopefully. Only issue I ever had was seeing your breath on a cold winter’s night; the beam rather lights it up. That and occasionally seeing a pair of eyes staring back at you…that will probably spike your heart rate enough to see it on the stats! Spare batteries would be a good idea too.


    1. I hope the one I got is decent! I will find out tomorrow, but it’s even waterproof, just in case we might get rain! Evil eyes will be scary 😀 I think it will be fun, but I might stick with an area I know. Spare batteries hm … Probably should put some in my pack, thanks!


      1. I have an LED Lenser H4 which is light, not expensive but packs a punch in terms of power. Easy on batteries too, but of course, the one night you’re stuck miles from home is the night it packs it in… takes AAA batteries, so no hassle to throw a few in the waist pack. A few cheapo Lidl reflective arm bands (with their own flashing red LEDs) are no harm either.


      2. As far as I know, that’s a form of UV, and would be for fun events (sort of like neon). Not for training really. And UV attracts insects, so I wouldn’t recommend it!


    1. Updated the photo to show from bottom. I love the fact that they are separated enough so I don’t have to remove tiny pebbles after the run …
      They are X-Talon 200s – standard fit. I used half a size smaller than my trailrocs if that helps and they feel roomy enough.


  2. ARGH! this one too didn’t pop up in my reader… gotta keep up with Poppie!!!! LOVING those Innov8’s!!!!! omg they are BEAUT!
    (off to shoeaholics annon… hang on GARETH? come on babes… we may need therapy!!!!)


      1. Absolutely! Part of the fun, especially on trails or grass. Though now I mainly use the red light mode of the lamp. It’s enough to spot rocks and it doesn’t feel like a BMW on my head.


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