Dawn at sea with an old friend

Dawn is magic around this time of year. The air is crisp and clear.


As the tide was out my friend was back at his breakfast table:


I enjoyed today’s 44 minutes. It was easy and effortless, which is probably related to an average heart rate of 139. What can I say, sometimes you just have to enjoy the view and let it flow.

2 Replies to “Dawn at sea with an old friend”

  1. God how beautiful the scenery you run through is and how gorgeous are these dawn photos. I have not been sleeping well and have actually been up at 6.30am quite a few days this week. My glass office where I do all my writing is east facing and so I have seen the sun rise several times. It’s so beautiful! Unlike my usual lay a bed self where I don’t get up till 9.30am!


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