Slow in the park

After yesterday’s stormy sea and with the tide still in, today I went back to the park. I looped wrong and had to cut the run short by 9 minutes. I did enjoy 80 minutes and although there was no sunrise (again!!!) it was nice weather – no rain and cool temps!


I remember I was at the park last winter a lot. Time to get used to it again and craft some fine loops!

Are your routes changing as well during autumn/winter?


10 Replies to “Slow in the park”

  1. Nice! Today we had another GORGEOUS sunrise… beautiful and orange again… now we have blue skies… Shaz just voted for a ‘middle finger’ emoji so could send it to me *lol*

    Yeah, my routes change a lot during winter… i do more town running and a lot of loops around the lit streets when the traffic has died down… on weekends we used to do the canal tow path a lot cos its not muddy… i don’t like MUD, specially that black stuff that stains shoe type mud… so i avoid… i love to run in the cold frosty day… but its scary alone in the dark… i don’t like it… I go at least twice a week to the gym when the kid is at jujitsu to get my runs in… well i did last year 🙂

    Who’s know what I’m going to do this year, i always just play it by ear…


  2. We are getting your thunder storms now, they must have crossed the sea😔 I’ve had my map out today. Just looking for somewhere flat for tomorrow in case I finish work at lunchtime – taking my kit to work😳


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