2 hours in the park

No chance for sunrise today due to the cloud situation and the tide was up. I didn’t feel like trails *shock* and just wanted to run for a bit – continuously – which I can’t do on the kind of trails around here. To the park I went. It was a pleasant difference to my usual breathtaking sunrise on the beach and hill runs.


The parks here are great and this one is huge, or better really long and it has loads of rugby fields to get my feet wet in the grass. I love running on grass!

I was surprised to see my average pace has improved. I was worried all the vacation has messed things up.

All in all I’m happy with the first “slow” full week back and while I didn’t run for the full duration every day, I’m again running 6 days a week and did a little over 40km all together.

Here’s a fun Garmin fact! I saw that since I have my new watch (around March this year) I burned over 200k of calories through running. Which to Google’s calculations must mean that I’ve probably eaten over 621 avocados additionally to keep my weight!

I leave it up to the none-vegans to calculate how many donuts that is!

7 Replies to “2 hours in the park”

  1. About 3 donuts😆😆😆 (not a donut fan)☺️
    It’s good to change running venue now and again, variety being the spice and all that! I’m trying to decide whether I’d like to run past a pitch full of rugby players or not. I might quite like to look at them but I wouldn’t want them to be looking at me! But no players, no problem😊


  2. OMG TONNES of donuts!!!! KrispyKreme dooooooooNuTzzzzz *drool*
    Your park looks lovely, the light is just stunning! Well done on the improved pace!!! xxxx have a fab weekend poppie x


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