Change or Transition

Change is what happens to me, a transition is how I adapt to change.

So … let’s just keep ignoring the change of season and instead look forward to transitioning back into daily life. What will be great about it?

  • With the shorter days, it will be more likely that I witness a nice sunrise in the morning.
  • I run when the sun gets up – that’s a simple rule to follow.
  • I get to work a little before I head out and therefore split the day into nice chunks.
  • I get to wear my autumn/winter running clothes.
  • I get to enjoy a hot bath after a cold long run.
  • … ok that’s all I got … I want summer back …


Today’s run was beautiful, rocks and pebbles all over the place, what a treat!

8 Replies to “Change or Transition”

  1. I think each season has its benefits. I don’t like too much heat so autumn can come as a relief – But when we get to november I know it’s a race against time to get home and out in the daylight. I might try running with a headlamp more this year.

    Snow would be fun … for a while

    And if summer never ended we wouldn’t get spring!


  2. I don’t know, runnergirl, maybe you’re being a little hard on fall. There are plenty of upsides. I love how, with the waning warmth of summer, all the superfluous people are swept from the landscape by the encroaching cool breath of autumn. The tourist infestation slowly comes under control and if there are any sightseers left at all by the time fall is in full swing they can easily be dispatched with an unkind word or two. The youngsters who thoughtlessly form in clumps in the middle of walking paths or ride their bicycles three abreast right in front of you all return to school, out of sight and out of mind. The old folks, good intentioned as they are, vacate the sidewalks, paths and trails; most of them give up the great outdoors altogether in favour of walking in malls. Even diehard runners are turned into reluctant pedestrians or just bystanders with the coming of the vicious mild fall weather! I love the fall – when it comes I pretty much have the whole world to myself.


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