In an effort to somewhat include a bit of speed or to get into the 80/20 trot, I started to include 6×1 minute faster intervals in my easy runs. I also cut today short so it was only 30 minutes. Hope that all works out!


Sunrise was lovely again and I’m looking forward to a nice long run tomorrow.

Theoretically I have another week of 44/88/132 in front of me and I feel like I’ve adapted quite well. We’ll see how easy tomorrow feels, but if it goes on like that I will increase to 50 minutes for my easy runs after recovery week. I want to thank unironedman, as he had made me aware that vacation includes running as well and I credit taking time off from daily running during August, for making me love running even more.

I also had a look at my fitness data and I can now really see how consistency and recovery trump speed.


I think I am finally getting the hang of it. Winter here I come!

Who is this person?

Another 88 minute run done and it was easy … as easy as it should be by now. But while my body seems to have adjusted fine, my mind has not quite yet. I am lying to myself about the amount of time I run. Not really lying, but I am saying 88 minutes instead of 1 and a half hours. I am not really aware of who I have become by now and that’s probably a good thing. It somehow became my new normal that I run through the dark:


… watch the sun rise … wp-1475132515389.jpg… have huge amounts of energy and run … a lot. So while I feel as fantastic as I am, I guess I just keep ignoring any notion of my former self and what she would say and keep on running.

An easy run and a bit of sun

Easy 44 minutes run done at dawn. Tide is becoming much nicer these days and I’m contemplating if I should go out run in the dark at the sea tomorrow.


But then … I’m a gamer and as gamer you kinda learn that beach is bad, especially at night. Yes you can see far, but so can the monsters or other players. What speaks for running at the beach at night is that I have so far not seen any eyes glaring at me in the dark. I thought I did, but it always turned out to be trash that reflected my headlamp light. The beach would probably change that.

I know it’s all in my head and as soon as I ran there once it will be my new home. The beach is only the first hurdle though … after the beach comes the hill. Maybe I chicken out and run my 10k park loop – stay tuned!


Yesterday night, an angel named Alex appeared on my blog. OK he is not an angel, more a modern angel, and his job is “Happiness Engineer”. I imagine him still like an angel, but with geek glasses and a cowboy hat. Why the cowboy hat you ask? Well, it appears all Happiness Engineers from WordPress say “Howdy” and somehow I associate that with a cowboy hat. I digress … the important bit is that Angel Alex got my block unstuck!

This means, I can go back to my business of blogging about my daily runs and stop fiddling with code! Today I started in the dark again:



Ran 88 minutes slowly, but surely, around the park which is a nice 10k loop and over the hill to the beach where the sun didn’t show up.


I’ve been thinking about how funny it is that if I tell myself I only go 88 minutes, it’s much less than 1 hour and 28 minutes. Is that only me?

Rainy running

Today’s sunrise looked like this:


I still had a fabulous rainy 44 minutes. Tide was up, but had left a nice runnable sandy path. Other news are that I now raised a support ticket to help me figure out what’s wrong with reader and my blog disappearing.

Tomorrow I am looking forward to running in the dark again!

A wonderful Irish weekend kick-off

I nearly didn’t pack my rain gear, but sometimes you just have to trust in the Irish weather, meaning it will surely change and provide 4 seasons in a long run. I was a girl on a mission. The mission to find sheep. Which I didn’t … sorry to disappoint you. I tried hard though and really really wanted to find some and write a great post about it …

… instead I found this:


… and these, which I at first thought were sheep, but no … not everything that is white and spawns on an Irish grass tiles is a sheep apparently.


Abandoning the sheep mission, I quickly decided to go to plan B. Plan B is a secret, but as this post won’t appear in the wordpress reader I can share it freely: Plan B consists of running/mapping the whole Dublin Mountain Way and it will probably take me years! I’ve been along this path while discovering The Chimney and searching for the mountains, but didn’t dare to go further than THE SCALP! I mean really … that can’t be good right?

So today, disappointed by not finding sheep, I decided to go further on the Dublin Mountain Way than ever before!

I went past Puck’s Castle, left the Chimney behind me, passed through the enchanted forest …


… tested my gloves on those babies:


… enjoyed more of the forest – I just love running across those forest trails …


.. to arrive at THE SCALP!!!


At least I think that’s the scalp? This is were I wished I had brought something to drink or eat … I had overestimated the amount of berries that were left during this time of the year and went for the light option aka no fuel!

On the way back I kind of got lost in the moment, it started raining and I didn’t know where I was until I saw the sea down below and my beloved little Dalkey island. At this point I knew I had experienced an adventure, getting lost is the biggest sign you are experiencing an adventure!

Drenched and happy I ran home in the rain, glad to be alive and healthy, glad to be able to experience adventures and glad for an gas aid station and a credit card that bought me just the right amount of fuel when I needed it!

… in the morning

As you know, I’m a big fan of getting out there in the morning. As I now leveled up and got new items (aka headlamp) I can start my runs in the dark. That only makes sense for my medium runs, runs over an hour.

Today, as every Friday, was a short run. This means I enjoyed 44 minutes of slow running and it was so lovely.


Words can’t express how amazing it is to wake up and run to the rising sun. Right now the air is cold and it wakes me up while I do my first steps outside. When I get to run, it cools me. When I’m done, it has risen high enough so that I am not too cool when I walk home. The tide was also nice to me and had left just the right amount of perfectly soft sand for me to run on.