Only one more week!

Yes you read right. Only one more week and your daily sunrise SRG channel will be back broadcasting again as usual!

Until then I’m in vacation mode. Vacation means deviating from the norm and I am looking forward to getting back to it!

Today I went for an easy run on the beach to check up on the bird gang and see if my legs still know how to do their thing. Yes, the gang is still there. They spread their wings and bathed in the sun.

Sun?! You read right, the sun has returned as well. There might be a correlation between my running and the sun appearing, not sure though which way around and I leave that to you to figure it out. I might go and test your theories out tomorrow.

Other than that, what’s new? I’ve built myself a standing desk and plan to get used to it until I am back from vacation. I know all the sitting during working on the computer is bad for me. Especially after hours of focused work I tend to slouch more than sit. One of those episodes was responsible for a stiff neck which made me unable to run last year. I can’t have that! The past year I’ve implemented some huge changes, but little by little. Steps so small I didn’t notice. I want to keep doing that and the next item is to be more active during my working life. I’ve tried a standing desk situation before, when I had the neck issue actually, but as soon as the issue was gone, my comfy ergonomic super chair tempted me again … this will change I tell myself as I am standing here typing this on my new standing desk setup.

Another reason for me to do this, is to get used to increased TOF (stands for Time on your Feet as I learned from Randall). This will become more important the further I plan to run.

Today I didn’t sit down after my run and haven’t been sitting so far. What I am already noticing is the following: I keep shifting around a lot. I’m definitely not standing still. I plan to increase the time I stand bit by bit. A first goal could be to stand half the time. The first part of the day. Get to sit down for lunch.

Have you ever tried a standing desk or are you using one? If you might already work on your feet … maybe you could share how you got used to it?

9 Replies to “Only one more week!”

  1. OH SO KEWL! i think you need to send me a pic… my kid has been asking for one… he’s seen one that moves up and down hydraulically (spelling?)… very spiff indeed but also very expensive… maybe he could build his own!
    Enjoy the last few days of your hols poppie… i know I’ve missed my sunrise fix, so hurry back (but not too fast) ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. I found great ideas here:

      As you can see in the photo I sent you, my office is pretty much all DYI ๐Ÿ˜‰
      My tip would be to test it out, especially to make sure the height and space fits. You can create a temporary solution quickly and then be more creative about what you need. My favorite self-made office things are with whiteboard color painted panels/office equipment I can write on! As soon as I know how the standing desk feels and what I want to improve I can cut up the sizes and put together a more permanent solution.

      I had i.e. just a space for my computer/keyboard, but then had to sit down on my old desk if I wanted to sort paper/write stuff. Now I raised that as well (temporary) and see how I get on.


  2. I spent many years working jobs that required me to stand. It was tiring!

    But I do think there’s a balance. Yes, we definitely tend to sit too much. But I also need rest & recovery after a long run, for instance (not necessarily after the shorter ones.

    Enjoy that vacation (and sun)!


  3. I had a standing desk at home when I was working in an office and could only sit (the bosses refused to even think about standing desks) I enjoyed being on my feet then when I got home. Then when I ran the pub I was literally on my feet 17-18 hours a day nonstop – Which led to achilles tendonitus. ToF is one thing until you run a pub – Do make sure youre moving too, I found I tended to shift a lot from one side to another at a standing desk – And watch that spinal posture too – can be as bad as a chair.

    Nowadays in work I move around different schools a lot and have no office or desk so I’m on my feet all day so I sit at a desk at home again (and roll stuff under my feet a lot :p)

    Look into NEAT movements too


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