Vacation Lesson

I’m slowly getting the hang of vacation, thanks to you guys! Over the weekend I tried to implement what I learned from The Unironed Man. Or at least the gist I took from it! Do things differently during vacation and that includes running!

I didn’t run on Saturday which usually is my designated long run day, but chilled. Instead I hiked on Sunday for a couple of hours. It was marvelous and I saw so many sheep that I now fear I will never see any again on my runs to tag them properly.

Today I went out and played on the beach first thing, saw my favorite dog for a quick cuddle and as I checked my daily photo, I realized I spotted a bird (can you see it? It’s a bird isn’t it?)!


14 Replies to “Vacation Lesson”

      1. On the sand? Is it a penguin? I’m on my iPad so need to investigate on desktop lol I thought it was a giant mushroom at first


  1. Your beach is truly amazing.. so many different looks, moods and colours… ever changing! It should be on BEACH VOGUE i reckon!
    Gos i have been looking for sheep too… and then Sunday et voila, a whole Peak District full! i nearly ell out the car with the first lot i saw… “stop, stop, stop!!!! i need a photo!!!” Hubby nearly whacked me *lol*
    Then… hundreds, hundred i tell you… but none were as tame a Gareth’s Welsh one!
    Enjoy your hols poppie! PS, cool #spotted there Slow! 😉


  2. I see the bird! I’m squinting as its bed time and my lenses are all dried up but it looks like a bird to me!😊 And a beautiful beech ‘sighs in a my holiday is behind me kind of way’.


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