Party hats, cake, a guest post and a celebration

One year blogging … I can’t believe it. I never thought my blog would mean as much to me and connect me with so many wonderful people. I always look forward to read about all of our adventures and crazy comments!

So … I’m celebrating with a guest post and a party over at Randall’s.

Grab yourself a party hat, produced by CeeJayKay:







What are you waiting for? You want to see the cake? Here you go:

rainbow cake


21 Replies to “Party hats, cake, a guest post and a celebration”

  1. Well, as my comment at randruns is not showing… Here goes again πŸ˜‰

    BEST WISHES on your Blogoversary SRG!

    Since ‘meeting’ you, you have made me laugh… made me very jealous of your gorgeous beach and not only inspired me, but motivated me in so many ways.

    Your first year in Blogosphere has been amazing… I look forward to your daily posts and yummy vegan mosh.

    Here is to many more blog parties and all the VERY BEST for year two and many more xxx

    Keep it up Slow xxx

    Luv CJ


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