Blogoversary – You’re Invited!

Yes it is happening and you can be part of it! Grab your favorite running shoes, gadgets, stories and click yourself to some cake.

I’m inviting everyone – with a running blog (or thinking of writing one … that might count as well … but you have to run … or think about running …) – on Sunday this weekend to hang out and celebrate my first year of blogging and this awesome community here!


Since my place is a mess, we’ll be taking over Randall’s site, while he is running a 100k. The party starts at 10am, but feel free to drop by any time after, there will be enough cake!

Talking about cake, a big thanks to Corrina! Without her this party wouldn’t be happening! She did not only create above invitation and all the party decoration, but will also bake the gigantic vegan cake we will be having! (Did I mention awesome community or what?)

Other than that, today’s weather was perfect (yes again Gareth) and here is your daily beach fix:


My feet just love hills! Look at that trail. The roots keep it interesting and the view is spectacular.


See you on Sunday at the party!

22 Replies to “Blogoversary – You’re Invited!”

      1. Yes, it’s fun, pretty, a bit of a hill going up around that cake and really cool the way she’s used your logo. And labelled the cake vegan! That’s why she does what she does 😊😊 it’s a skill ☺️


  1. Happy blogoversary! I am seeing them all over WordPress and wondering why I didn’t celebrate my first anniversary of my blog. I think I am too preoccupied with numbers with the blog you know when I get to 10K,20K or now with the US website I post on its about 30K. And I was trying to save the United Kingdom by stopping Brexit so the blog was on the back burner. Not sure what I am doing on Sunday but have a happy celebration with your virtual vegan cake! πŸ™‚


  2. Oh my goodness, I switched from my smartphone to an iPad I forgot I even had & now I am able to get to your comments section. Lol I am such a dinosaurus, just happy I can finally contribute. I will be wearing my party hat all weekend! Heck, I am on vacation may as well keep it on all month! Lol


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