It’s harder again!

Yeah I know … yesterday I said it’s easy now to run at my new pace … guess what? It’s hard again … guess why? I became faster again … am I complaining? I surely wish I’d dare … I am afraid to curse myself though and so I took it as what it was. Maybe that’s good …

OK, today’s run was 1 hour 28 minutes (remember I increase by 10% this week?) and I took my altras to the park. It was misty and had just rained. I had to run an average of 8:15 min/km to stick to an average of 142 heart rate. If you look at the featured image and are curious what the break around the end/middle was, this was a red light.

All in all a little over 10k done and I am left to wonder how much bagels I’ll want to eat now. Fortunately I still have hummus, salad and peppers, but I just can’t get my head around the fact that an app tells me that I just burned over 700 calories … I wonder if I now also eat 10% more food?

12 Replies to “It’s harder again!”

  1. How was your form towards the end? I’m no expert but looks like your cadence was slowly dropping while maintaining the same pace. I think terrain has a huge impact on these two if you’re off-road.


    1. I think it goes uphill at the end, but generally my cadence always seems to drop at the end indeed! I need to keep an eye out for that. It might also be related to a a change in music?


  2. Oh yes, my dearest… the further one goes, the rungrier one gets, hehe. Unfortunately, I can’t stop eating all the food on my long run days. But you’ll figure out eventually what fills you up and satisfies you. Personally, I’m still trying to figure it out, lol. This Sunday, I’m going to try a Snickers candy bar (nuts and chocolate and caramel), full size, all 240 calories worth, 😀


    1. I’m not into sweets on a daily basis that is my dilemma, still have my cocoa butter here to make some chocolate energy bars … but don’t feel like it! Fortunately there is salt and fat and gluten 😀 maybe I need to create a lasagne tea time?


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