+10% and the new easy

Finally recovery week is over and I decided to do a 10% increase this week. This will have me running 44 minutes on my easy days (Mo/We/Fr), 88 on Tuesdays and Thursdays and 132 minutes on Saturdays. While I get used to it, I will try and only run at or below my target heart rate. Once this gets easy I’ll switch back to 80/20.

Today’s run was fantastic. Let me tell you about it. Weather is perfect at the moment – not warm or humid at all, the air clear, clean and fresh. The sea was nearly still and the clouds and everything … just … perfect:


The weather and beautiful area isn’t the only perfect thing. Last week I had found the perfect music to work on increasing my cadence, but it turned out I had done the math wrong. After reading something completely unrelated about brain waves over the weekend I realized that 60 bpm wasn’t just perfect for the brain … it can also be multiplied by 3 and we get the magic 180! Now everyone that is laughing right now, you could have told me! … anyhow … after realizing this over the weekend I got the classical music back out and it just works!

Not that my cadence was now magically at 180 … sorry no. It was 159 however it felt easy! Now it gets a bit more complicated … stay with me. I also mentioned before that I got faster at my existing heart rate. The faster wasn’t yet comfortable and I was working on making this easier. Today it both came together and my cadence is at least improving and my new 8:35 average beach pace feels easy.

With this and my new increase in duration I’ll be clocking in a 5k on every easy day … the week before recovery week I ran 44k in one week. I am curious how things play out and if I can actually manage to run at my new easy pace for the rest of the week.

15 Replies to “+10% and the new easy”

  1. What a lovely picture. I’ve been meaning to ask you about your heart rate training – my new watch does heart rate and I was shocked to see mine rises to 180bpm during exercise! What’s the science behind how you train using yours?


      1. I thought I’d dodged the rain – didn’t :p I suppose as I’m off work I have absolutely no excuse to get up early one of these days ….


  2. OMG!!!! SRG your photos are amazing! as for your analytics well, the mind boggles… I’m just NEVER going to get anywhere unless i get a bloody coach… hey wanna swop coaching for graphics? you need Graphics? *winks*
    Good work girl! keep going you are amazing!!!!


    1. I need graphics indeed always! Like a chocolateholic, but with pixels. I am actually planning a virtual blogoversary party where I need a virtual vegan cake! But it’s already on Sunday and no one knows about it 😭 because I didn’t create an invitation! … and there are all those recipes … so mail me and maybe we can figure out your analytics and my party troubles.


      1. omg an invite and virtual vegan cake? you have my creative mind in a spin!!! 🙂 the blog decorations are invading my thought process! *lol*


  3. You do so well, I’m in total awe! And that scenery, just gorgeous! So you have a blogiversary coming up?! That’s super exciting!! Because I, too, like virtual vegan cake, hint, hint!! 😀


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