Recovery week done

With this, my last run for the week, recovery week is over. I’m so glad …

I do one recovery week per month. During this time I don’t run as much as usual, take more days per week off than just one and try to stick to 100% in the low heart rate range. The only rule is to not take more than 2 consecutive days off. I’ve gotten so used to it, that I think I feel how my body uses this time to repair and build itself up to be a bit better … I know how ridiculous it sounds, but that OK for me … this blog is to write down what I think/feel, no matter how stupid it sounds.

Recovery week also serves another purpose and that one is huge for me. It brings the fun and enjoyment back in case I’ve lost it. When recovery week starts I am usually at a high, I can see improvements and that is the perfect time to stop and slow down. Like a treat. I also need to leave something in the tank and this tank gets filled up during the recovery week. Maybe it is my running mojo tank?

So today I went to the park to enjoy breaking in my new shoes while running around on rugby fields and passing by birds swimming in the lake. Just a fantastic Irish summer day – cloudy and perfect running conditions with just around 13 degree Celsius. After 1 hour at 143 heart rate and an average pace of 8:25 min/km I decided it was enough running in new shoes and headed back.

12 Replies to “Recovery week done”

  1. Doesn’t sound stupid at all. Sounds very sensible in fact … better than my methof of going til injury then wailing :p How are the new shoes going?


  2. Oh what fabulous weather you’re having!! You lucky girl!! I think a recovery week is a fabulous idea!! It renews your spirit!! (Do your legs twitch at night when you’re in recovery? Mine do) Do you like your new shoes then?


    1. My legs don’t twitch, sounds funky! I like the shoes, but we are still getting to know each other. They feel very different to my usual none cushioned shoes, so I want to give it time to get used to them. I do think it was the right choice, but only as a change and for roads and not as my everyday running shoe.


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