During today’s quick recovery run I focused on a higher cadence or better … quicker steps. What I’ve been struggling with, at least in my head, is how to run at a high cadence while still running slow. I know it’s possible, I’ve seen people do it … I just can’t seem to do it over a longer period of time. Well … progress is always slow and so I am happy to see, that at least today shows a bit of an improvement.

My average heart rate was 137, running at 9:35 min/km and a cadence of 157. Other than that, recovery week is happening and I feel sloth all around! Looking forward to next week.

18 Replies to “Quicker”

  1. It’s either a Jedi mind trick, or some variation on Chi Running. Running really slow with a high cadence. It’s probably called the ‘Barbara Windsor Step’, or something…


  2. My highest cadence is 136, my average is around 70!!!!!! But then I do walk a lot of late… (I thought I did post this but it seems not) and hey, I’m a ‘shortie’ as hubby calls me!!!!!
    No way I can fit more steps in I’d look totally comical lolololol!!!!


      1. pfttt i have no idea… just looking at my Polar thing, what does this mean?
        70 steps/min (cadence avg)
        130 steps/min (cadence max)
        Is that really crap?
        Come coach *winks* should i be trying to up that?
        Gosh i AM clueless aren’t i?


      2. About 90 is a good cadence for running, and yes, that would be 180 if counting both feet. I normally count one foot strike of one foot, not both.


  3. Nice! Getting there πŸ™‚
    Just back from a lunchtime run of 7k. Stats: Cadence – 184, HR – 163, Pace: 4:37 p/km
    Looking at the elevation, approx 70m overall, cadence was pretty consistent. Therefore a big effort to keep the line pretty steady and horizontal, hence the higher HR. So, I’ll put this defo down to a Tempo run πŸ™‚
    Just remember and relax too and that’ll help with the HR. Oh, and enjoy it too! That’s a must.


    1. Rather than look at your watch for cadence, count your steps in your head and try and keep that timing the same. I tend to find that works really well, and after a while you just get into the same rhythm. Then you can look at your cadence after download. If not high enough, at least you have a good timing already set in your head so you can adjust accordingly.


      1. I have tried counting steps. I can’t count while running, and even counting, you still need to know how many steps per minute so you still have to look at your watch. I’ve tried; just doesn’t work for me.


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