To data or not to data – that’s no question!

It’s recovery week, so I am taking Monday’s usual run time to reflect and analyze a bit of the data I’ve been collecting. What would all the data be for if not to learn from it huh?

One of the points I noticed is my easy run pace has been acting weird. Weird means the following: I started working on running easy/slow or at my MAF heart rate in the beginning of the year. With acting weird I mean that in March I was faster than in May. Did I slow down? I am now getting faster again and am super happy with my progress, but I wanted to find out two things: what made the progress slow down and now improve again?

I think I found the answer and it is consistency … who’d have thought right? Check out my PMC from trainingpeaks below, the reason (I think) why I slowed down was because of the breaks (flu and stiff neck issue) – I have my blog archive to thank for showing me that … I had completely forgotten about it!

Since it has been a while since I posted my last PMC, let me quickly explain it a bit. Red dots are runs and the intensity is shown by the height of the dot. I.e. the last highest red dot on the chart represents Saturday’s run. The really interesting part about this chart is the blue line CTL (chronic trainings load). The chart shows my complete running history since I started last year. You can see me becoming more and more fit. You can also see the frequency of my runs increased.


This chart also helps me to do remind myself to do recovery weeks. How’s that you ask? The yellow line shows my TSB (training stress balance) or I remember it as form. I don’t want my form to go down below 25 too much, 30 at most.

Now to make one thing clear: I am not using this on a daily basis. I use this once a month (during recovery week i.e.) to check how it all adds up. I also use it to plan any increase and to check my heart rate budget. If I really don’t want to go out for a run and have no noticeable reason, a super low form might offer the explanation and I stay home.

I suppose the main purpose for me is to remind me that continuous steady progress is key to success – in all areas.

8 Replies to “To data or not to data – that’s no question!”

  1. Phwoar!!!!! SRG that all looks as impressive as it does complicated… as a dataphobe I’m completely lost *lol*
    As long as you’re happy, healthy and it’s working for you… I think we should all have a G&T when we get home! πŸ˜‚πŸΉπŸ‘πŸ» 😘


      1. OH WOW!!!! MEGA FIT SRG!!!! thats a beautiful improvement! on the first graph there is a lot less red towards the end? what does that mean? heart rate zones?
        Its not that I’m a phobe… i love data, just a bit slow on the uptake πŸ™‚


      2. The darker the shade the higher the heart rate zone. The height represents the time spent. The lightest one and the second lightest one are all within my MAF range. In the beginning I ran too fast, but now I am getting better at hitting the 80/20.


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