Searching for the mountains

Today I took off in search of the Dublin mountains again. To find them I figured I just follow The Dublin Mountain Way, which is marked by yellow men and it is close to The Chimney. It is also great fun to run a route more often and see how much further I get!

Here is a map showing The Chimney.


After around 1 hour I found this treasure – an unmanned aid station! Unfortunately I didn’t have anything with my to eat or drink and so I continued.


I was extremely happy to see what the yellow man had in store for me:


Let me tell you … no let me show you:


I didn’t find the mountains, but I didn’t care. I found the perfect trail at the end of the perfect hill. Can’t wait until I can go even further!

I also #spottedTheBird – yes it’s a tiny one, but …


I get points for figuring out what type of bird it was! A Jay 😀


Oh and I brought something home for Paula, as she had a hell of week and loves old stone structures! I found out that this is called Puck’s Castle! Now I have no idea who Puck is though …


All in all happy with my heart rate, you wouldn’t know there was a hill (250 meters) and I am quite happy with my average heart rate of 140 at 9:35 min/km. I had to walk the steeper sections and avoided running over the ankle breaking ones as well as walking some of the steeper down hills. Yeah you read right – I am getting more clever, let’s see if my quads thank me for it.



8 Replies to “Searching for the mountains”

  1. Oh, I love that castle!! Thank you!! ❤

    Great finds all the way!! And yes! I can see that great big huge mountain in the midst of all your data! That actually looks like a really hard route, but you make it look so fun! 😀


      1. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get it done his year, but I want to climb Mount Washington in New Hampshire. There are trails and it’s safe. But it’d be a nice little challenge.


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