So easy – so slow?!

Today I had a lot of fun. Let me tell you how it went:

It’s Friday, so it’s “easy” day. After my usual warm-up walking and photo taking (the photo turned out horrible so no beach photo today), I started my run and plodded along. After a while I checked my watch as I hadn’t noticed it vibrated for a while and I wanted to make sure I was still running under 144 bpm. It was quite low and so I checked what pace I was running. It felt easy and so I wasn’t to bothered about a too low heart rate. I was quite shocked though to see I was only running 15:00! That would explain the low heart rate, but I couldn’t possibly be running that slow …  15 min/km … I can’t even walk that slow. Fortunately I have learned over the last year to listen to my body and I know my heart rate/effort usually without having to check the watch (you know nose breathing and all that). So … I decided my watch was broken or must have picked up some slow satellites??? I entertained myself for a while trying to figure out what the bug (software speak for error) could possibly be. It was like the watch was showing my real pace but only 1.65 times as slow … now wait a second! I feel like I am running real easy … my heart rate shows I’m running easy … but I should be running between 9 and 10 min/kms … I couldn’t have broken myself that quick and was feeling really good.

Then it suddenly dimmed on me. My watch must have reset itself from metric to miles during yesterdays updating of my workouts. I nearly burst out laughing and thought of Judy’s post from today aptly titled “You are not a number“.

Now that I am back and can make more sense of the numbers, I realize that I just ran an easy 40 minutes at and average heart rate of 134 at 9 min/km. I think I found a new easy pace for my “recovery run” days and will call it “couch pace”. Running this way is quite effortless, much like sitting on a couch and I can’t believe I found this new easy … my goal is now to get this easy feeling for my new faster pace that I have to run to stick to 144 … probably this only makes sense in my head.

6 Replies to “So easy – so slow?!”

  1. Your commitment to running is fantastic! You’re not a number but I’m glad you sorted out what was going on with your watch or you might have been unduly depressed at your slow progress. 🙂


  2. I wonder if I could possibly convince Santa to bring me a watch with an HRM this year. I just really love watching you improve! It’s so inspiring! I like the couch pace thing! We all need a couch pace for recovery! And yes, I totally understood what you were saying when you were thinking out loud, ;D


    1. Santa should bring you one! It is something different to see the numbers lined up. It’s really exciting lately how much quicker I am improving. Wonder when I’ll plateau … but now recovery week first.


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