I am surprised … it works … I get fitter and I am so used to running slow it feels like more and more hard work to keep my heart rate at 144!

It feels like by now my body has just accepted the fact that running slow, every day (but Sunday) is what I need it to do. It’s pretty much as comfortable as sitting on the couch and that is the tricky part! I can now run around 139 heart rate – no matter if pebbles or sands or roots – and not even wake up properly (yes running in the morning has it’s perks). I always need to make sure that I run faster to keep it at 144.

At the moment I focus on only one thing during my runs: keep it easy while running at 144. I am getting faster, so keeping it easy uses up a lot of concentration!

So what’s up next? I think I found my first ultra! I’m still researching and trying to figure out (aka calculate) if it’s possible for me to run it next year and if running on Irish roads for longer than 2 hours is something I can do, so stay tuned for more infos ๐Ÿ™‚ or go here for a spoiler.

18 Replies to “Easy?!”

      1. Last I checked it’s over 60 kilometers! I might need to lie to myself … the running on the road is troublesome … it’s Irish roads as well! I guess when I increase my distance, my feet and legs will tell me if this will work! So far I might have treated them too well with all the soft sand and minimalistic shoes ..


  1. Stick to the plan! I’m a big fan of sticking to the plan. Now you just have to practise doing boring runs with no rusty sculptures, boats or birds. The physical side is there it’s doing the work on the mental side to endure hours of roads?


    1. I’ll be sticking to my plan! On a first look it seems doable if I only increase 10% per month, considering I have nearly a year. The roads are my main concern indeed … I have no clue what to do about them. Roads beat me up! Can I run ~9 or more hours on roads in one year? I will find more birds and rusty machines or something else ๐Ÿ˜€ I think the real challenge is mental as you say and keeping that much running fun! And I think there is a benefit in having to run in circles at least for the first long event. It will give me – the solitude runner – enough distraction – that’s the theory!


      1. I’ve done some lap marathons and there is something mentally satisfying in ticking off the laps as you go. Makes the whole thing seem inexplicably shorter.
        The other trick I sometimes use is a kind of mindfullness where I let my mind wander for a while and then pull it back to the moment I am in. It might help but it’s worth thinking about developing some mental strategies for dealing with the tedium of long runs. In fact I may have my running blog post idea for this week so thanks for that.


      2. It would be amazing to read your tips! Will happily test them out. I am planning to plod a route with a similar length and work on running that multiple times. Might be the hardest part to get going again and again?


      3. When I trained for my first marathon I deliberately did a five mile route that passed the front door just so I could mentally practice carrying on when it would have been easy to bottle it.


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