More data on improvements

Today I got to enjoy an easy Monday morning 40 minutes run. Ireland is just fantastic during the summer – not too warm – a light breeze – and the tide was quite nice to me today! I even got a cool down in the sea and my feet didn’t go numb!

Now as you all know I am running at a low heart rate (most of the time) to improve my aerobic base and improvements seem so tiny from day to day. Today I checked Strava as it compares previous runs in a nice format and compares similar ones. Below is a screenshot of my matched easy runs. If I read things right, from end of May to today I improved by 20 seconds?



I also tried to combine two of the spotted Themes! TheBird looking at TheShip – though it’s really tiny and you can’t quite make out that it’s a ship! I am super excited to see everybody’s posts appearing under the wordpress tags! So cool – you all rock!

8 Replies to “More data on improvements”

  1. Sergei *winks* YOU ROCK! how awesome!!!! 20 secs is 20 secs… you are Uninjured and you’re having a blast!!!! LIFE IS GOOD!!!!
    and HOW are those pics??? beautiful as usual!!!
    Gosh am i letting the side down here? i have YET to tag… right i am off ski tonight… watch this space!


  2. Cool beanz. However, I’m confused by your metrics? Is this the same route run over different days? Or is this to measure how far you run until you hit 144bpm on the same route?


  3. Impressive stuff, 20 seconds off in terms of long distance is amazing. That’s probably a minute a year on your slowest I’m taking it really easy pace. Slow you maybe now but your long distances are going to be scarily quick by the time you are done.


    1. Thanks 🙂 the ship was huge, never seen that before. Couldn’t see if it was rusty though! I don’t think we got a triple theme yet. That would be cool! Wonder how far I can improve my times now.


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