6 beats – 6 months

Today I decided to just run. See what I can do now at my 144 heart rate. It was perfect run weather.

I’ve been wanting to write a report on the latest improvements, but the data is quite stupid to sort as I don’t name my runs and therefore it’s hard to say with all the hills I’ve been doing. I might still do it, but not now.

However I remembered that I did a 2 hour run on the same route in January and so this was perfect for comparison. The funny thing is, I ran pretty much as far back then!

So what is the difference? 6 beats. I now ran at 144 for 2 hours and back then I ran at 151 average. I’m also getting faster as I can see on my Strava segments.

I ran a segment on May 14th this year and again today. I ran at 143 heart rate on both occasions. In May I ran at a pace of 9:40/km and today 8:27/km.

Small improvements, but I am still injury free and increasing my pace while running at the same low heart rate.

9 Replies to “6 beats – 6 months”

  1. Thats a definite improvement! And the injury free part is key. Since I’ve slowed down and kept to nosebreathing I find myself finding the “flow” that you talked about more often too.


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