A rusty fish

No, I don’t mean myself, although my slow pace could hint to some rusty bones. I am talking about the fact that I #spottedTheRustyMachine on today’s run.

Check out it’s beauty:


 I had spotted it before and I found out more about it. It came to live by the hands of Jackie Ball and was made by using old farming equipment that had been used to maintain the park. (You can read the full story here).
As you can see the discoveries continue and thanks to Corrina we have tags to tag them – hope you don’t me switching “da” with “The”? Now most will be using wordpress.com and so the tag should work it’s magic. I haven’t yet had the time to figure out a way to integrate external blogs, so I created the tag on my own page and you can do too! Later we can always link them up. If you are on wordpress.com, you can just tag the specific posts (#spottedTheChimney or #spottedTheBike) and we can follow the tags as well as include/embed them on our own blogs later. At least that’s the plan!
What did you spot on your run today?

8 Replies to “A rusty fish”

  1. OMG did i say “da”???? SLAP ME!!! i HATE that too!!!! *lol* THE is good!!!! DEF go with ‘the’

    LOVING the rusty machine!

    Wonder what i am going to #spot tonight… can’t wait!!!


      1. I do got out in the evenings sometimes when my husband is home, but it’s been really hot, so that’s not easy either. 😦

        I am extremely grateful for my treadmill — at least my training for my half is still on track!


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