Rocks, hill and a rusty machine

Today’s 1 hour and 20 minutes went by super fast. The tide was in, but I still made it to the hill where I wanted to get some nice photos of rocks! My phone’s camera is horrific though, but fortunately the area is fantastic. This side of the hill is also used by rock climbers! I might as well have to come back with my better phone …


Also one find loads of stone benches like this:

wp-1468306616655.jpg … and now … drum roll please: I think I have uncovered a new theme! Check out “The Rusty Machine”:




8 Replies to “Rocks, hill and a rusty machine”

  1. Nice!
    While I was riding last night I wanted to stop and take pictures of some cool natural rock formations and a ton of other man made formations around Deer Island. Your last comment reminded me about the rocks and stones theme. But it was dark and I didn’t want to stop as my phone was on a little saddle bag. I still need some equipment on the bike to make it convenient to take pictures.
    I know where to look for some rusty machines! I’ll have pictures later this week I hope.


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