Easy start into the new week

Enjoyed 40 minutes of truly easy running – averaging 142 heart rate. Beach was fantastic. Although the tide was in, it had left a little bit of soft sand to run on – unless the mighty 7th waves comes striking that is! However, I am getting more clever about spotting the big waves and so I only got soaked once today and only the right foot – BONUS!

I am also back to working and haven’t yet gotten to link up all the fabulous entries for “The Hunt“! However, they keep coming in (check out Will’s new bike!) and new themes like “The Rocks” are being created every day! Also a special OMFG to Paula who managed to sneak in 3 Themes in her post! Do you spot all of them? Tip: 1 is new, 1 is old and 1 is an interpretation of Gareth’s theme. The treasure hunting continues and I will try and catch some Rocks on tomorrows run.


8 Replies to “Easy start into the new week”

  1. *lol* so squelching on one side? I’m seriously in need if ‘treasure’ hunting… I’m feeling a bit left out here! Right mission tonight… Theme is? Bicycles or rocks… Or?


  2. Okey dokey… pebbles/stones/rocks/boulders… got it! Plus bike, chimney, trolley, and the secret new one, hehe! Awesome!! I might could do this… ๐Ÿ˜€ Super nice run, BTW!


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