A bird, a ship and a reality check

Finally I am out of my funk. Want a quick recap? It all started with brexit induced running crazies.

The Reality Check

I think it all came together quite well, pardon my sarcasm and let me give you a quick recap on what I do not want to keep doing:

  • go run like crazy on pavement, just because the tide is in … that is what grass is for
  • go run fast if rain forces me to take off my glasses, my feet won’t know where to place and how to adjust if I can’t see – slow down if it’s raining or suck it up and use the track … that’s what the track is for
  • go run north for up to 2 hours on pavement … that’s what the trails in the south are for
  • go run north along the sea side – after a huge stair climb it’s all downhill … ALL DOWNHILL … that’s what the other side of the hill is for …
  • underestimate the light muscle soreness on the day after running downhill for 2 hours …
  • walk up the stairs in the house 48 hours after the downhill running
  • google the Internet to find comforting reasons why DOMS are good …

Now that I got this out of my system and hopefully committed to long-term memory, let’s get back to taking photos of things found on a run!

Today The Bird let me get as close as never before. I think he (or she?) is getting used to me!


… and The Ship was out there catching fish – I just love this picture, can you spot the birds that are surrounding the ship? They just love hanging around there and get an easy breakfast.


So to do a recap of the current photo-on-the-run-themes:

  • The Shopping Cart aka Trolley
  • The Bike
  • The Chimney
  • The Bird
  • The Ship

I think I’ll need to create a page where we can collect all entries! I know Will is working on a bike shot right now, so keep posting them and I’ll link it up over the weekend!

9 Replies to “A bird, a ship and a reality check”

  1. I blame Brexit for the current bad weather in England. The whole summer has been grey, cold and rainy, sometimes torrentially. Good that you are able to pace yourself with your running you don’t want to overdo it!


    1. Indeed … I can’t believe how crazy things have been – including the weather. Doesn’t really feel like summer at all … usually summer is the time to relax and tank some sun. Now I keep getting supplier emails from the UK … their stock is running out and prices increase. I guess I am still in an after shock, but at least I hope I got the running back on track. Hope to not overdo it tomorrow on my long run and will try listening to you 😉


    1. Actually you need to catch them on a run or at least integrate and justify why this is running related. Running to work would work! Your bike counts as it replaced your running I think lol!


      1. Good. That’s what I thought! 😂😂 now I have a reason to bike close to these cool chimneys in Boston, Somerville, and Lynn!


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