What’s North? Boats of course!

Today I set out to just run North (thanks Gareth for making this decision for me). At first I though it is clever to crowd source this decision, but unfortunately I didn’t beat the tide and got completely soaked after just 15 minutes.

But hey … I don’t race and so this is a fantastic opportunity to simulate running through a creek in the middle of an ultra right?

With squeaking shoes I continued, passing boats …


… running north …


… towards more boats …


… there! Even more boats …


… get sick of the road surface … and dream of my beach …


After 1:45 I decided I had enough of the road running. There is no beach north (in “runnable” distance). I stopped in one of the coastal towns and treated myself to some post run snack which I have to mention tasted like heaven: Almonds! I know this might sound boring to sugar junkies, but I loved it and it was about the only vegan thing besides the typical banana (no thanks!) they had in store. One of the points I will have to figure out when I continue running longer is nutrition and hydration. Nuts and dried fruit are a no brainer, but which! I think I am going with Almonds for now, they just felt perfect.

All in all it was a nice change, but I don’t appreciate all the road running and I can’t wait for next week when the tide is on my side again!

7 Replies to “What’s North? Boats of course!”

  1. Hang on a sec I think my last words were South? I cannot bear the responsibility, mainly as I have no clue what the landscape is so therefore i’m guessing wildly! The photos are lovely though, look at the clouds! (and boats) Nutrition wise I’ve engineered the honey bomb! More details coming up!


  2. Boats are a cool discovery and can be so fun to watch! And you got some fabulous pictures!! But I know you love your beach, 😀
    I’m feeling rather unmotivated today, so to motivate myself, I think I’m going to go out and find a cool chimney for you (I’m telling you this because then I absolutely have to do it) 😀


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