Recovery Run?

Here is my top 3 why today’s run can’t count as recovery run:

– average heart rate too high … 4 beats

– I ran 2 hills

– I ran parts at threshold

Here is why it might still be OK:

– I only did 1 hour instead of 1:20

– I ran on varied surfaces

– it felt easy

I clearly have to adjust my attitude and get back to slowness … tomorrow I shall try again and I have an entertaining plan for Saturday where I plan to just run as long and slow as I can either north or south along the sea.

8 Replies to “Recovery Run?”

      1. Just back in. Run was AWESOME. Finished in 18th place with a time of 14Hrs 12mins 28seconds. I’m super happy.
        100 people started and I think 30 dropped out.


  1. Beautiful photograph! As you know the prospect of getting up at 5am and going out into the cold to run does not fill me with eager anticipation! Although I did get up at 4.30am on polling day so I can do it when motivated. But the natural surroundings you run in are really beautiful and maybe this makes it easier to get out of bed…your progress over time has been amazing – keep running!


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