Cathartic Workout

Those of you who follow my blog and read about my slow running adventure know that I keep inventing workouts to suit my slowness. Workouts like ‘reverse hill sprints’ where I walk up the hill and run down to keep my heart rate low and run in an aerobic state.

Today I invented the ‘Cathartic Workout’. Here is what it does and the meaning (freely adopted to suit my imagination) and how it works:

Definition: A cathartic run provides psychological relief through the open expression of strong emotions; causing catharsis, caused by the brexit. For some “crying is a cathartic release”, others might need stronger drugs like soccer, boxing or hiking.

Synonyms:purging, purifying, cleansing, cleaning, releasing, relieving, freeing, delivering, exorcising, ridding

What you need

You need a rainy morning like you can find it in the beautiful Ireland and UK. You need double decker buses and bad streets so rain can be collected in huge puddles. You also need a park with rugby fields that were just mowed the day before. You also need an aerobic base <):O) and glasses.

How it works

Walk fast up the hill. By the top of the hill you already crossed your aerobic heart rate threshold and don’t care that you can’t see anything (don’t forget to purge the glasses at the point where you can’t see through them anymore) and are soaking wet. You start the run downhills … the freshly washed air is purifying, but to prevent the heart rate from exploding you settle into a slow running rhythm that leads you up more hills to the rugby fields. There you forget and ignore your heart rate, speed up and run like crazy, because that’s what it is all about in this workout and you got the base to do it. Freeing …. is running across a field, wet with muddy grass, rain cooling the skin without a care in the world. Slowing down a little to collect the breath to repeat it again. The workout ends with waiting on the side of the road at a red light for a double decker bus for a complete cleanse and then, just to proof a point, run into every puddle on the road and race up the hill as fast as you can. Why? Running in the rain is already crazy and that’s how you exorcise any modern demon with style! In the end you are just relieved to get rid of your squeaking shoes and put on something dry.

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